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  • Affordable gap year programs are hard to find. The other day we went online to look and the results amazed us. Most gap year programs cost more than $1,000 a week. That’s $20k for a semester. Fo

  • Today we met with Ed Marston, former editor of High Country News (HCN) and current President of the board for Solar Energy International (SEI).  Ed took us out of town to a place below the Ragged Moun

  • We left on a rainy day and drove up high onto the Umcompahgre Plateau.  The original plan was to hike into the top of the canyons, but muddy roads and a low gas tank dissuaded us, and we drove around

  • Today we went to work at Thistle Whistle Farm. The first thing we did when we arrived was to milk goats.  Next we toured the farm and saw bees, strange plants that made your mouth numb, and over 60 sp

  •  I woke up early on Tuesday, the day we were leaving for the backpacking trip. I watched the sun rise over the huge crumbling shoulders of Gunnison. The other sleepers woke slowly, grudgingly around m

  • Today we went to a farm called Delicious Orchards and met with Jeff Schwarz who says his farm his an organic, biodynamic farm that is used by the community.  They grow lots of fruit, varieties of appl

  • The first few weeks on a trip like this are always hectic. There is so much going on and we are all learning how to live and cope with each other in a communal space, which is never an easy feat. By t

  • Everybody arrived at the High Desert Center on September 7th. In the next three weeks we visited farms, climbed some mountains, danced a lot, celebrated a marriage, experienced some ups and downs of g

  • My first two and a half weeks in Paonia, Colorado have been a beautiful whirlwind. My first days were filled with group conversations about the nature of living in community, picking ripe fruits from

  • This post was originally published on this site        Me and Abraham went on a hike, here are two pictures from a little way past the coal hills.

  • This post was originally published on this siteFirst there’s my novel. Ugh. I’m not doing well. Here’s a link to the current google doc. As you can see from the end it just isn&rsquo

  • This post was originally published on this site  Monday morn our group of 12 donned our turtle backs and set out for a 3 day backpacking adventure, some of us (myself included) for the first time

  • This post came from Rachel’s blog. For the last three weeks I’ve been living above Pitkin mesa in Paonia, Colorado. So much has happened, there’s no way I can fit it all in a single post. (Not o

  • This post was originally published on this site  Recently I’ve been fathoming this possibility of life being one long dream, ending when death takes you and you find yourself waking in your