Payment Policy | High Desert Center
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Payment Policy

A non-refundable $30 application fee is due with your application. This covers application processing as well as an interview.  This fee (but not larger tuition payments) can be paid using Paypal (send to e-mail or we can invoice you).

If you are accepted, $1000 is due within two weeks to hold your spot.

Half of the remaining tuition is due three months before the beginning of the program or within two weeks of being accepted into the program, whichever is later. The remaining half of the fee is due one week before the program starts.

Should you change your mind before two months of the program start date, you will get back all but $1000 of whatever you’ve paid.

Should you change your mind after that, no refund will be issued (because we make non-refundable commitments that rely on specific participant numbers). If the program is cancelled by us for any reason, all payments are fully refundable.

Once the program starts, should you leave the program by choice or break the agreements and be asked to leave the program, tuition payments are not refundable.

All payments should be made in the form of a check, made out either to High Desert Center or Dev Carey and mailed to 39091 Pitkin Road, Paonia, CO 81428.  If you are paying for The Watershed Semester, pay the application fee and complete the interview as described above but thereafter, payments will be made using the RMBL online payment system.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship for the Watershed semester, please download, fill out, and send the following form.  Priority is given to applicants who are doing a full gap year with High Desert Center.   Scholarship are limited, based on need, and can only happen if the program completely fills.