Core Values & Agreements | High Desert Center
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Core Values & Agreements

All staff and participants sign the following before participating in programs.


High Desert Center Core Agreements

At HDC we try and minimize rules and to collectively make agreements.  However, there are some things that we have found ourselves agreeing to year after year, and these days we begin each program with these foundational agreements in place.  There is always the potential to modify these agreements while we are together, but until then, we would like each person who decides to join our program to agree upfront to abide by the following.  

Please consider carefully before signing.  These agreements reflect our values.  They are not trivial or easy, and sometime we mess up, but it works out if the shared intentions are there.  If they are not there, and you sign the agreement without meaning it, often rough times follow.

At HDC, we agree to:  

  1. Value our word and integrity as they are relevant to these agreements and to communication with others during the program.  That means a commitment to growth and change if we notice ourselves or others (including staff) not living in integrity.  
  2. Value consent, the option to choose, for ourselves and others.   
  3. Be committed to doing our share of cooking and cleaning and other common chores.  We do our best to offer affordable programs, and therefore we don’t hire cooks or cleaning people.  We also like an environment where everybody is committed to contributing to the community.
  4. Commit to trying our best to participate in and getting something out of all the activities that are advertised as part of the program we signed up for.   
  5. Use no drugs during the program.  This includes alcohol, cigarettes and pot, regardless of our age.  Staff commit to the same thing.  We are not against these drugs, but our community inevitably suffers when some people are using and some are not.  
  6. Abide by fire safety guidelines.
  7. Communicate with the group and staff about our whereabouts.
  8. Generally follow the law (unless we agree otherwise–sometimes, for example, we do dumpster dive and trespass and ride in the back of pick-up trucks).  
  9. Treat the neighbors well.  Our existence depends on positive community relations.  


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