Core Values & Agreements



Our Values, Agreements and Intentions



Before you agree to participate in the High Desert Center, take a moment to make sure you align with our values, agreements and intentions.  


Agreement # 1.  Safety.  We are a community who shares a commitment to consent and trust, as well as to honesty and emotional and physical safety.  When that trust is broken (by consciously telling big lies or purposefully endangering or damaging self or others) the staff maintain the right to send people home.  No refunds are given.  


Agreement #2. Prioritizing the Intentions listed below.  The following intentions drive much of our community culture and curriculum. We agree to prioritize these intentions for ourselves, and if we perceive our own or other’s actions do not align with these intentions, we agree to talk about it until we find a way forward. Those who choose otherwise will leave*.


The intentions:  

  • Showing up.  Literally and emotionally.  If you are going to do something, say  ‘YES!” and show up all the way. If you aren’t going to show up, say, ‘NO.’ We commit to showing up to group meals, check-ins and the majority of organized activities.  
  1. Taking responsibility for the well-being of self and community..  We agree to do our share of cooking, cleaning and general care for our place.  We agree to participate meaningfully in conversation about individual and community well-being. We agree to treat local community members and natural systems with respect.  
  2. Expanding our comfort zones.  We intend to say yes to new adventures, challenges and ways of being.  We do this because we value growing our individual and collective abilities to participate meaningfully in a diverse, ever-changing and sometimes scary world. We do this while also valuing choice, consent and mutual respect.
  3. Finding a purpose.  Answering “Why are you here?” We agree to create and act upon personal narratives (stories) that inspire ourselves and the community while also acknowledging and refusing to feed narratives that don’t serve.  
  4. Authenticity.  We choose connection and realness over the opposite (addiction/distraction/escape/avoiding). Our intention is a community that does not utilize drugs to cope or connect.  


 These Agreements and Intentions can be changed at any time by a ⅔ vote of resident participants and staff after an inclusive conversation. For important group decisions in general we strive for consensus, and, failing that, are able to make decisions by  ⅔  vote of participants and ⅔ of staff.