Participant Posts

Mountain Backpack

 I woke up early on Tuesday, the day we were leaving for the backpacking trip. I watched the sun rise over the huge crumbling shoulders of Gunnison. The other sleepers woke slowly, grudgingly around me. They rose, drifting thickly out of the building we slept in, like the heavy clouds off Mount Lamborn, whose steep … Read more

The First Days by Milla Von Tauber

The first few weeks on a trip like this are always hectic. There is so much going on and we are all learning how to live and cope with each other in a communal space, which is never an easy feat. By the time week 3 rolled around though things were starting to settle down and … Read more

Dreamy Paonia By Mary Grace Campbell

My first two and a half weeks in Paonia, Colorado have been a beautiful whirlwind. My first days were filled with group conversations about the nature of living in community, picking ripe fruits from the side of the road, jumping into the icy irrigation ditch, and simply being in awe of this amazing place. Exactly … Read more

The Mountains of Crested Butte By Trenton Maki

        Me and Abraham went on a hike, here are two pictures from a little way past the coal hills.

Mind Games By Monica Thom

  Monday morn our group of 12 donned our turtle backs and set out for a 3 day backpacking adventure, some of us (myself included) for the first time. As if the rocky uphill trek and extra 50 liters on my hips and shoulders wasn’t enough of a challenge the universe threw me bonus curve … Read more

Dreamlike Reality By Monica Thom

  Recently I’ve been fathoming this possibility of life being one long dream, ending when death takes you and you find yourself waking in your mamas arms as a day old baby, ready to live it all out.   I have been swept into an epic romance with earthly existence.  A plane ride from Chicago … Read more