Work Trade | High Desert Center
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Work Trade


If the tuition seems daunting, here are some options to help make this trip happen.

Work trade opportunities are available for participants with a known track record to follow through on agreements and some sort of previous experience in the position they seek to occupy. If you are completing your work trade on the hike, expect to put in 11 hours each week.

For those who successfully complete a work trade position, we will refund $1,100 of your tuition bringing the cost of the trip down to $2,750.


Social Media Intern

This role will be instrumental in increasing our social media presence and gaining visibility for the HDC. Knowledge of social media strategy and video editing are optimal.

11 hours each week.

Child Care Support

Tag along in the van once a week to spend the day with our three year-old son. This role will involve play time outside, reading books, and keeping his daily routine. Two childcare positions are available.

11 hours each week. Note this role requires you to skip one day of hiking each week.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 4.00.22 PM

Team Leader

This role will help keep the wheels turning to ensure that everything is in it’s place. They’ll make sure our kitchen gets broken down, the van gets packed up, and that everything is running smoothly each day with the help of other participants.

11 hours each week.

Winter Building Intern

This role is for someone interested in helping repair and maintain the HDC campus in Paonia, CO. This position will start before the program during February and March. Ideal candidates bring experience with tools and physical labor.

We will compensate you at $10/hour. Inquire for more details.


Spring Gardening Intern

This role is for someone interested in helping in the during the spring at the HDC campus in Paonia, CO. This position starts after the program, during May and June. Ideal candidates can work hard and also help with small amounts of childcare.

We will compensate you at $10/hour. Inquire for more details.