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First there’s my novel. Ugh. I’m not doing well. Here’s a link to the current google doc.

As you can see from the end it just isn’t working right now.

Now for my current list of Big Huge Awesome Goals (BHAGs):

  1. Go on top of at least 20 more mountains
  2. See the stars with nothing closer to them than I
    3. Sleep at the peak of a mountain
    4. Visit every continent
    5. Have a good friend in every continent
    6. Go on a net-zero cost, no planes adventure through South America
    7. Go on a net-zero cost, no planes adventure through North America
    8. Go on a net-zero cost, no planes adventure through Europe
    9. Go on a net-zero cost, no planes adventure through Asia
    10. Hike across the Great Wall of china
    11. Learn 5 different languages
    12. Learn 2 more ‘language styles’ (Latin alphabet, Asian characters, middle eastern character sets)
    13. Have a deep conversation, on a mutually interesting topic, with some expert I admire
    14. Make a successful tech startup
    15. Get 10k+ reputation on stackoverflow
    16. Learn two more programming paradigms (e.g. Functional, process oriented)
    17. Create a service that spans as many environments as makes sense, with as few similar languages as possible (e.g. An app with a command line interface, a truly RESTful api, a desktop application for all major OSes, a web interface, and an IOS/Android. App.)
    18. Hike Appalachian trail
    19. Hitchhike across Europe
    20. Live in Japan for a year
    21. Become comfortable wearing contacts regularly
    22. Live out of a pack for a month, no money
    23. Get first aid certified
    24. Learn 5 more dances (charleston, blues, tango,
    25. Live in Paris on the cheap
    26. Furnish house from dumpsters
    27. Learn to drive a manual transmission
    28. Hike the ptc
    29. Complete and publish a novel
    30. Publish a poetry book
    31. Publish something in another genre (horror, short story, etc.)


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